Day 3: Living the Dream!

I just got back from Isla Mujeras, a little island off Cancun, Mexico where I witnessed one of my sisters get married on the beach. Oh I LOVE love and I love the beach – just perfect! It was a beautiful trip with my daughter and a long time friend and a few other siblings.

Beautiful blue waters off the coast of Cancun!

And the beach, well she was even more spectacular than people had described her! I’ve never seen water so light blue and clear before! We spent a few days in Cancun enjoying the beach and making our way around. It was really touristy but not too busy and I sat enjoying the sound of the waves crashing as the sun came up!

View from our hotel in Cancun!

After my girlfriend sprained her ankle, I spent New Years Eve alone at a big party that I crashed across the street from my hotel. It was a big fancy place that I heard music coming from so I asked the security man how to get to the party. It looked like a pretty safe thing to do by myself – it’s not like I was wandering around the streets of some strange town in Mexico!

He told me where to go and I found myself at a beautiful bar just outside where the loud music was coming from. I ordered a drink and waited for my tab. A few minutes went by so I asked the man beside me how do you pay for your drinks here. He looked at my wrists and said you need a wrist band. A band? Yes it’s an all inclusive hotel and the party and drinks is part of the package. Oh I see so I can ‘t pay for my drink? No but if you want just go to the party just tell them you’re my wife from room 1188. Just walk in like you own it and find a table and sit down. Ok I said as I tried to memorize my room number and new husbands name. And I did! I walked in, found an empty table and sat down and had a great evening of entertainment! I was living the dream! Oh I am such a rebel – I crashed my first party at 51!

Cheers at midnight!

There’s an awesome woman in my town – awesome because she’s a single Mom who works hard to support her young son, and she’s not the real mom. You’d never know it though. She always invites us to his programs at school. She’s beautiful with her long blond hair, no makeup, cartharts and steel toed looking work boots. She’s a hard working woman indeed! I really admire her for loving this kid thru good times and difficult times. And when you ask her how she is she always gives a cute little grunt giggle and says “Oh you know, living the dream!”

After a few days in Cancun we took a ferry ride over to the island. Oh wow she is so lovely! I will always go back to Cancun – that’s how you get to Isla Mujeras! I fell in love with the local people, the culture, the extremely friendly tourists who consider this home away from home year after year, and the food. My first night I met a lovely lady who took us on a golf cart ride in the dark from one end of the island to the other! Every day I had a massage on the beach, eyes shut, waves crashing, music playing, totally relaxed and living the dream! At night we ventured down into the Village for dinner!

Dinner in the market on Isla Mujeras!

The wedding couldn’t have been a more beautiful ceremony right on the beach. I cried like a baby!

My sister getting married!


She had us walk down the steps into the water to let flowers go in the water. Figures I’m the one who falls into the water – at least I stuck my landing!

Amber said she was going to hang out in the market with her 17 year old cousin, the bride’s son. I was exhausted after dancing to salsa music all night after the wedding. I’m one of those people who doesn’t need a dance partner – I’m good by myself! Like Will Smith, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sings in Switch, “First one in, last one out the club!”

So off they went and off I went to sleep. I woke up about 12:30 and thought hmm I wonder what time does the market close. At 1:30 I figured they must close soon. At 3 I thought OMG this is getting really scary – perhaps I should get up and walk the mile across the island to my sisters and wake her up so we could go looking for 2 lost kids. I actually thought of Natalie Halloway and her mother that’s how worried I was! It’s not like her to do this and more like me, but I have 28 years on her! Around 3:30 she showed up. Thank you God!

Princess Amber and my sister Polly!

As she was packing her bag to head home the next morning with a brain that probably didn’t feel really well, I was giving her an earfull about my endless hours of worry the night before. Ya well Mom worries all the time – nothing new – they were having fun in the market, they got invited to an after hours party and snuck under a fence – drinks showed up for free – sounds like they were definitely living the dream! But then she heard just how worried Aunt Margaret was all night! Sorry Mom! Remind me to beat my nephew next time I see him! What in the world was he thinking letting a young lady walk a strapping young man home and then walk herself home! I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a few grey hairs in my eyebrows over the past few years! Big sigh!

It all does sound rosey perfect and it was indeed a beautiful time. I actually sat for hours by myself on the beach relaxed and thinking about whats gone on in my life for the last 7 years. How much it has changed. I read the other day about humans going thru cycles of change every 7 years. I’m bored and feel it’s time for another change – but what is it? What lies ahead? Again the voice in my had says I want to teach.

I know that only I can make that happen. No one is going to magically come along and read thru the hours and hours worth of things I’ve written about real estate and business. No one is going to organize it for me. So I better start writing some goals down and figure out how I’m magically going to make that happen. May I believe in myself every day! Dream big Chuck!

The ferry ride back – good bye Isla Mujeras until we meet again! xo

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One Response to “Day 3: Living the Dream!”

  1. Jeanette

    Wow that was so interesting, you are amazing and fun and why you single? Wish I could have been there to witness the wedding I am Bart’s Aunt, His momma’ sister. Meg is a sweetheart and they are a beautiful couple! Thanks for sharing your story…..