Day 4: When you made My people smile, you made Me smile.

It’s Saturday – what was I thinking I was going to blog every day for 30 days – that includes Saturdays and Sundays! I took a walk with my dogs this morning out to my thinking rock but it started to rain. Back in the house bored, I decided I’m going to take a few hour drive and go visit a friend. But wait – I gotta blog first! Since I don’t have a lot of time today I am going to borrow from something I jotted down several years ago when I was a bank manager:

As I stumble through this life, help me to create more laughter than tears, dispense more happiness than gloom, and spread more cheer than despair.

Never let me become so indifferent that I will fail to see the wonder in the eyes of a child or the twinkle in the eyes of the aged.

Never let me forget that my total effort is to cheer people, make them happy and forget at least momentarily all the unpleasantness in their lives. And, in my final moment, may I hear You whisper “When you made My people smile, you made Me smile.”


The Title is “A Clown’s Prayer” and the author is unknown.

It was found in the pocket of a deceased comedian’s pocket. I wrote down the quote because it spoke to me. I kept it at the back of my calendar and changed it out every year as I got a new calendar. When I resigned from the bank I hung it up on my bulletin board in my office.

That is what motivates me. It’s a feeling inside me that I get from helping people, doing the right thing, striving to do my best, having fun, caring about people, helping others to achieve their goals, helping people realize their own potentials, bringing that all together into a positive environment and accomplishing some goals that I set out to achieve along the way.

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One Response to “Day 4: When you made My people smile, you made Me smile.”

  1. Sylvia

    A beautiful prayer. My family thinks there is something wrong with me, because I continue to believe in people and want to help.