Day 5: Only 63 more days until Spring!

Happy Sunday! A day of rest for me and the animals as its rainy in the desert. Sitting here reflecting today on just how many places I’ve got to see in the past 15 years. Oh I love exploring the desert! She is so unexpected!

I visited friends up in Flagstaff last night and it was pretty. The snow was falling, roads were sheets of ice, people were bundled up and out having fun! We spent a few hours in their historical downtown!

A fun time in Hotel Monte Vista in Historical downtown Flagstaff. It opened in 1927 and is known for their rumors of hauntings!

I see that several of my friends from colder regions are enjoying vacations in Vegas and Arizona, soaking up the wintertime sunshine the desert offers.

I do like winter. She brings in the New Year, a time for change. A time to bundle up and sit and reflect, visit with family and friends, and slow down. However I do find myself going a bit stir crazy thinking in only a few more months spring will be here and I go can start exploring once again!

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