Day 7: The Mind of a Millionaire With $280!

A lady called me this afternoon and said she had two lots her Mom and Dad bought 50 years ago – Dad has passed away and Moms getting old and they’ve done nothing to remove Dad from the title. She saw I was selling them for $1000 and asked what I thought of it. I said it’s beautiful – some of the biggest herds of antelope I’ve ever seen in my life graze that undeveloped subdivision – see pic below! We discussed her doing a probate thru the judge as that state allows it and its pretty cheap. I told her I would pay her $250 per lot and I would pay all the fees which were about another $250. So I’d make $500 off each lot. I don’t actively seek these lots as that’s a lot of work for $500 but $500 is $500! Heck I remember when i used to flip burgers at Herfy’s for $194 a week – burned the shit out of myself all the time too! They finally took me off the grill and let me run the drive up window!

After a long conversation I said to her if you have a grandson or nephew that’s interested in real estate and they promise to take your garbage out for the rest of their life gift it to them! I’m thinking I’d pay someone to take my garbage out for the rest of my life for $1000! 🙂 We then had a quick conversation about once the property is probated into her Moms name that she should do something to at least put it into another family members name – even if she signed a quit claim deed and had it notarized and threw it in safe deposit box to be filed at a later date! That way if something happened to Mom you wouldn’t have to probate it again. Wow she said – great idea – Char you should teach! OHHHHH BIG SMILE – MY DREAM! I told her that knowledge was free and I appreciate that she said that and that I had a huge dream to teach!

When I managed a bank, my staff and I always seemed to reach really huge goals we set. We were required to set monthly goals and had weekly meetings – they told me I had to do this! So we did lots of crazy things to meet these goals. We worked in a grocery store branch and every Halloween dressed up like pumpkins and wandered down the aisles telling kids if they opened a savings account with us we’d give them a free pumpkin – bring in the piggy bank! Just what I wanted to do for 2 weeks straight – dress up like a gigantic larger than life orange pumpkin! But wow it sure worked! In the end what we really got was the parents business – they would see how awesome we were and how convenient it was to pick up a gallon of milk and be able to  drop off their paycheck or get a car loan.

When management asked how did we always seem to reach our goals we would look at each other and say because we said we were going to. We did everything we could to focus on our goals – we cheered each other on – we coached each other on how to prospect for sales. We were rewarded monetarily for reaching these goals big time and I had a very motivated staff!

My desk has been filled with huge goals these past two years – everything from paying off an ex husband for Smile4u to going to Hawaii with my aunt – I’ve never been! About a week ago I pulled them off the cabinet they were taped to beside my desk. I still want to go to Hawaii with my aunt – but most of them really had nothing to do with what I truly want to do – I want to teach!

Just because I wrote those goals and said I was going to do them there sure were a lot of them that just made me feel like crap as I stared at them frequently and I was no where close to accomplishing them nor was I doing anything to accomplish them.

How many times today did I say to myself just because you wrote those goals you didn’t believe in yourself – that’s why they didn’t happen. I did very little to make them happen other than pay off my ex – that I seriously was motivated to do! But other than that I did very little to truly accomplish them. Seems like I’ve sat and waited for the magic genie in a bottle to burst out and say hey Char here’s your teaching schedule!

Truth is I teach every day! I just don’t really talk about all that knowledge I have up in my head unless it comes up in a conversation, which it does every single day!

I always liked the 1988 movie Working Girl where Melanie Griffith says “I have a mind for business and a bod for sin.” Well I definitely have the mind for business! Ha! So how did I become a millionaire? Just for the record I’m not bragging – I told Amber i have a whopping $200 in my account and $80 in my wallet so a whole $280 til month end and that’s like two weeks away still! I’m definitely land rich but money poor!

And that’s where the mind of a millionaire comes in. If I wanted to, sure I could write myself an extra paycheck all the time – it’s my money and if I want to pull it out of my business and take it as payroll I can! But if I spent all of the money I made I would never have gotten anywhere financially. Which means I wouldn’t be able to stop in Vegas every time I drive up to Elko, Nevada, or eat at True Grits in Alamosa, Colorado after exploring the San Luis Valley!

Sure it’s easy to make money – what’s really hard is hanging on to it! Trips to Cancun, trips to Hawaii – those don’t come for free!

It’s scary having the courage to try something new. I remember how scary it was in the beginning, scared to quit my job at the bank that I was so bored doing after 14 years because it was a good paycheck, scared to go to the county court house and research property – there were so many departments and the language! Ugh I was out of my comfort zone!!!!!

If you’re wanting to invest in real estate whether its flipping homes or land and you’ve sat and researched for hours day after day, month after month, and now its starting to turn into year after year eventually you gotta pull the trigger. You gotta play to win – if you never start your dream your dream is never going to become a reality. And I’m never going to win the teaching game unless I put some efforts into it!


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8 Responses to “Day 7: The Mind of a Millionaire With $280!”

  1. Nancy Pace

    I’m loving your blog! Be encouraged to keep writing and keep teaching!

  2. Torsten Meyer

    Best of luck with you future teaching plans! You certainly did well at everything so far. My wife and I are headed to property in Elko in April to pursue dreams created in large part by your rural sales business and for that we thank you dearly!

  3. Kara Sandifer

    There is a dream lurking in my head that reminds me every day Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.Pslm 37: 4.
    Came across your blog or rather stumbled as i was doing my morning search for land that has now become a hobby,(just looking lol) For years I have dreamed of a cob topia so to speak, homesteading in my very own Hand made house
    And there you and your Blog where after I followed the links from land for sale on various sites, ie zillow, truilla, land and homes ect You kept popping up so I thought “Oh ok God I get It read The blog..
    And there it was “if you dont pull the trigger” … My heart is racing …my coffe cup is empty so its time to (shiesh) or get off the pot….
    Thank you for reminding me I am still a fearless go getter …Keep on the Firing line! (Old Staler Brothers Song)
    Feels like an adventure is stirring (although my hubby says life with me is an adventure everyday)
    Lets do this..Ok sometimes I ramble but in the right direction
    Thanks and I can hardly wait to get started
    Thanks for your blog
    And I know soon Ill be saying thanks for land to
    Girl God Is Good all the time..
    Be Blessed!

    • Char the Explorer

      What an awesome note Kara! Thank you so much. I enjoyed my morning cup of coffee outside on the porch in the sunshine and spent some time reading the the verse you shared. Just like you, I too got told to go look something up! I think your hubby is probably right – life with you is an adventure everyday! Blessings to you! Char : )

  4. Sylvia

    I pulled the trigger! Inspiring! Realized that I need to work it differently, but I have started. Thank you and please keep on teaching us.