I Found the American Dream at Smile4u

Do you window shop on the Smile4u Land Sales website? I do.

I enjoy looking at what’s new or pondering a property that I think might be right for me someday. I want to live in all the areas Char has listings in!

Some of it’s merely a daydream. But, I’ve been a fan of Smile4u for years now and finally made the decision to buy my first piece of the American Dream.

Living Off of the Land

The Mayans supposedly said the world was going to end in 2012, which brought about another wave of zombie apocalypse prepping by certain segments of society a few years back.

I found the entire concept kind of cool and could see how someone needing to be frugal or was very interested in off-grid living could strive for independence by going back to the basics with the assistance of certain aspects of modern technology.

Could I “glamp” full-time? It’s certainly something that intrigued me.

A Smile 4 U and Me

For years, the idea of owning land seemed a fleeting possibility. Just a brief inquiry into the traditional banking system for land and home mortgages was (and still is) disappointing, especially for someone like me who is self-employed.

When I first started looking at the site, I was really intrigued by the fact that companies were offering usable land for a low down payment and no credit check. This was a glimmer of hope!

After a pretty thorough review, I realized there are several companies out there that own and sell land. But, there are definitely differences in the listings, presentation, and feel of the brands.

Over and over, I kept landing back on Char’s site. Her postings are from the heart and I trusted her from the very first thing I read. Yet, it was after a brief talk with her on the phone when I knew this company was definitely the right fit for me as a customer.

Go West

While there are a variety of states with listings during certain times of the year, the Smile4u Land Sales listings usually focus in the western part of the country.

I’ve looked at listings consistently in the areas of California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Colorado. Whether remote parcels away from the city with little-to-no restrictions or subdivision plots ready for your suburban home, Char has always provided a good assortment of land options that she has explored for your consideration of potential ownership.

Just as in the variances in terrain of the mid-west and west, the properties range from high dessert plots in the Rocky Mountains to lake lots in rural Kansas.

Anatomy of a Listing

I like to look at the listings state by state. I usually start with Colorado lately, as I’ve been looking for land there. I’m enamored with the San Luis Valley.

But, when I first started visiting the site my focus was on New Mexico. Char had several listings in the Estancia Ranchettes for a while and I scoured them daily. On the state pages, you can see a good deal of information about each property.

However, it’s the detailed links that you want to click. That little link is chock full of photos and information about each listing. From due diligence information for land and water to full narratives about property and area specifics. It’s amazing!

Yet, that’s just the starting point. Char stresses that you do your own legwork to ensure that you know what you’re buying. The information is great and has made me fall in love with numerous properties on the site over the years.

Making My Decision

It takes me two days to research light bulbs online before placing an order. Imagine how much time and effort I put into figuring out which property I want.

I was just a window shopper for a long while on the site before deciding it was time to take the plunge. But, then, the decision briefly turned from excitement to anxiety.

So, I just let the listings do the talking and narrowed my search down to a few areas I was the most interested in possibly living one day. Once that happened, I knew I needed to make my mind up and act fast as I’ve seen listings go really quickly on the site before.

Hello New Mexico

Using a lot of Char’s information, I thought a one-acre plot near Moriarty was the price point and location I wanted. It took me a while, but I narrowed it down to three different listings and compared them (even with family and friends) for a few days.

Then, I sat up really late one night and thought over each property. It all started to look alike at some point but one kept rising to the top of my pros and cons lists.

I made the final decision and clicked to purchase online. It only took providing just a bit of information and the listing was marked “Sale Pending” until I could finalize everything with Amber in the coming days.

The entire process was smooth and I was impressed with how easy it was to complete.

One Giant Leap

I joked with my friends that owning the property in NM was almost like owning a piece of the Moon! I’m from the Southeast. Would I ever set foot on it? Much less use it?

I knew I would at least visit it someday. And that day happened! It took six years, but it happened.

I was able to fly to Colorado and drive down to visit the parcel. I traveled a scenic route from Denver down through the ski and art meccas of central CO and northern NM, like Taos and Santa Fe. We, then, drove down to the land in Moriarty.

Moriarty is a small town east of Albuquerque off I-40 and has a small section of the old Route 66 that wasn’t swallowed up by the interstate. The land was about 15 minutes out of town and we rolled up on the plot to find a next-door neighbor, which was a bit of a surprise.

It was off the beaten path, that’s for sure. But it is mine.


Andy Davis is a freelance writer and blogger covering an array of topics from college football to participating in the digital economy. He is the owner of Singing River Media and resides on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Check him out at 21stAD.com.


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