Smile4u’s First Ever Cyber Sale!

We’re offering some pretty serious discounts and promotions just like all the other “cyber deals” during the holidays!

Big enough discounts to make you consider buying a piece of land this year for your loved ones instead of a new diamond ring, flat screen TV or vacuum cleaner. Something that makes you want to get off the couch and out of the house and go live life! While diamonds, memories and land last forever, TV’s and vacuum cleaners don’t!


I got to wondering how Cyber Monday started and read it’s the term given to shopping online the Monday after Thanksgiving, making its debut in 2005. I chuckled to myself thinking I’ve been selling land in cyber space since 2001, only now we call it the internet!


So enjoy our first “Cyber Sale”!

Cash Prices Reduced On Most Properties!

50% off all Doc Prep Fees – Applies to both Cash and Financing!

15% off the Finance Price including the 90 and 180 day Payoff Options! Email us for a quote of the new price/terms if interested.

Mention it’s a gift and we’ll include a few photos for you to surprise your loved one with!

Cutoff work date for expected USPS delivery before December 25 is December 21st.

Sale ends the day we take it down, sometime after December 25th!


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