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Our Journey: Long-billed Curlew

Our Journey date: 2022-06-17

Numenius americanus aka a long-billed curlew and the candlestick bird. Candlestick Point and Candlestick Park Stadium in San Francisco are named after it. It is sad that by the time the stadium was constructed in the 50's they weren't around anymore. At one time it was on the Near Threatened list but it has returned to Least Concern in 2008.  The female usually hits the road for winter grounds and leaves the male behind to take care of the young when they are 1-3 weeks old! Absolutely beautiful and unique! Who would think you would find this in the high desert! I picked this up at the tax sale and this was a huge reason why! I wanted to show it!

We use iNaturalist to find new information about the animals and plants we see! We're just starting to use it to keep a record as well! Click here to see our observation of the Long-bill Curlew and click here to read more!

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