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Our Journey: Bluewater Lake, Nutria Lake & Ramah Area

Our Journey date: 2022-04-30

In 2022 & 2023 I spent time "smelling the roses" in Cibola and Mckinley County as I explored the tax sales. 

A few times I visited the Las Tusas Recreation Area at Bluewater Lake State Park on Highway 612 which sits about 9.5 miles SE of Interstate 40 off the Thoreau exit. It encompasses approximately 3,000 acres, and the lake has a surface area of approximately 1,200 acres. It sits in the Zuni Mountains about 45 minutes E of Gallup.

On my first visit there were a few wild horses roaming and a few people out enjoying the water swimming and fishing! 



I visited Nutria Lake for my first time and sat for a good half hour just listening to the ducks and birds playing in the water. It's a stunning drive along a one lane road that takes you thru beautiful range land with an abundance of birds, gophers and even sheep! This is a hidden jewel!!!



A spotted sandpiper kept my attention for way too many photos. Oh what a cute tiny little bird as they darted about the shore line!





By far the best part was the herd of sheep with the dogs leading the way down the road! They were a friendly pack and stopped by to say hello!


One of them sure blended in well with the sheep - cute little baby! Ha!

I noticed a few had aprons on and apparently it's an anti breeding/mating apron that ties around their waist and prevents unwanted pegnrancies! Ha! 


And then I spotted this gal and my heart went out! She had an injured foot but didn't let that slow her down - too cute!


What a beautiful horses by Bluewater with a big heart on their forehead!


A few photos from the Ramah and Zuni area! I sure love their red sauce at the Stagecoach Café in Ramah, NM but it is a bit hot for me - dang delicious though and I almost always order it!  

I often stop and get gas at the Lewis Trading Post for a cold drink and snacks - you can gas up even when they are closed. It sits along the Ice Caves Road between Ramah and El Morro.

Timberlake Road just E ofRamah sure is worth the drive - in a short ways you see cliff dwellings, the beautiful walls of sandstone and the locals!

The Prehistoric Cliff Dwellings date back to 1200-1300 AD. 


A few more locals!



I swung by Bluewater Lake a few more times in the fall of 2023 - she's so pretty and I can see why I've been asked many times for land in Bluewater!





These photos were taken about 2 miles west of the park at a little inlet that sits just north of the Bluewater Estates in Cibola County - unexpected and super cute! 


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Our Journeys - Bluewater Lake, Nutria Lake & Ramah Area

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