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Our Journey: Fishing at Nelson Reservoir in Springerville, Arizona July 2023

Our Journey date: 2023-08-22

Once again I stopped by Nelson Reservoir which is just outside of Springerville, AZ on your way to Alpine and wondered how the lake level was as we sure have had a lot of moisture this year or so it seems! I've seen it so low I couldn't sit in the side docks to fish! But it's looking much better!

The 90 acre Reservoir is located 5 miles S of town on your way to Alpine and has a max depth of 24 feet.  It sits in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest and is stocked with rainbow trout until Labor Day. There's also native bluehead suckers and illegally introduced black crappie and green sunfish. Fish that remain in the reservoir after summer stockings can grow to good size, making it a popular fishing site! There can be algae blooms and excessive weed growth as summer progresses and yep I've been there and pulled out a green line before - yuck!


I got lucky for sure as I met a man and his son out fishing off the boat ramp.


 They were good sports letting me have a try!


We (notice I included myself) caught a little guy and I snapped a photo before we tossed them back! What a great spot to spend an afternoon fishing. 


There were a handful of people enjoying the last bit of light in the evening.

Maybe I'll see you there - I'm the lady asking if I can borrow your pole just for one good cast! Ha! Enjoy! Char the Explorer : )


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