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Our Journey: Char's Tour of Torrance County, New Mexico in May 2023!

Our Journey date: 2023-05-23

In May 2023 I toured around Torrance County, New Mexico and it sure was a beautiful journey with its spectacular springtime green and flowers! I loved the Smile on the old leanto!

I followed part of the Salt Missions Trail Scenic Byway from Moriarty south along the Manzano Mountains to Mountainair! It's a 140-mile loop that explores the Estancia Valley, an area on the eastern side of the Manzano Mountains.

The Laguna del Perro is the largest of the salt ponds just outside of the Village of Willard.


Mountainair is a super cute little town and home of the Salinas PUeblo Missions National Monument. I made a quick walk thru the Quarai Ruins just outside of Mountainair which is one of the 3 ruins that make up the momument! 



There sure were plenty of beautiful birds!



 I spotted a pair of long-billed curlew aka the Candle Stick bird out enjoying the afternoon in the Valley of the Estancia Ranchettes! I spent entirely too much time watching them keep track of each other - true love! How cute is that!

I spotted the new Moriarty Motocross which sites about 10 minutes NW of Moriarty - looks like they were having fun!


There's lots of cows and horses grazing this agricultural area!


The Valley of the Estancia Ranchettes sure was green with blooming flowers, tons of birds and an antelope!


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Tour of Torrance County, New Mexico

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