Smile4u Inc. is a private land investment company owned by me, Char the Explorer. Frequently called a land wholesaler, I focus on the Western USA. I spend a lot of time exploring land and taking photos so I can have knowledgeable conversations with my customers. And for a brief moment in time they are mine and I enjoy stepping foot on them!

I started in 2001 and couldn’t have imagined the adventures ahead, seeing herds of wild horses, antelope, oryx, elk, big horned sheep - it's been amazing!

My assistant Sherilyn, aka Lynn, has been with Smile4u since 2013. She does all of the documents for buying and selling land, handles all of the payments, and answers most of the emails and phone calls.

My daughter Amber was in 3rd grade when I started selling land on eBay and she quickly became head pencil sharpener! She has spread her wings and is taking Paralegal classes while working for an attorney. She still continues to assistant behind the scenes and often signs documents.

A little trivia: Amber and Sherilyn went to school together from K-12 and are two peas in a pod!

I am very drawn to rural America, as are my customers who seek to own their own piece of land, the American Dream! Many share their dreams of a spot in the countryside, a place to grow a garden, raise chickens and ride a horse, a weekend getaway by a favorite fishing hole, or a spot to relax and marvel at Mother Earth!

The people, cultures, food, cowboys, history, hunters, fishermen, and wild animals on my journeys leave me smiling! Thank you for all of the compliments and most of all for your business! It has been and always will be greatly appreciated.

In 2005 my boyfriend Buddy joined Smile4u as our official mascot. He explored rural America with me and became the highlight of my photo taking. I would get my camera ready before I let him out of the truck because how many times did he jump out and "mark" a property marker that probably no one else had touched in 20 - 30 years! Wow his sense of smell was amazing. My website touted "He has extensive knowledge in “marking” the properties and sniffing out rabbits and lizards!" He passed away in my arms June 6, 2020 at the beautiful age of 15. RIP Buddy My Love

Char the Explorer : )

"Honesty and integrity in everything we do. Our business is based on hard, honest research by knowledgeable people."