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Our Journey: Lynn got a Jeep!

Our Journey date: 2023-01-27

I got a jeep!

It was part Christmas present to myself, part necessity. I’ve been driving around in a little Chevy and it’s done well for what it’s for but I needed something with a little more 4WD. So I got myself a little yellow bee! I love my car!

Want to guess what the first thing I did with it was? That’s right! I went exploring! It was a lot scarier than I thought it’d be with a brand new car but I took it around some cool sights in Dolan Springs. 

I took my dad out with me as he’d never been exploring before! He’d also never been to Dolan Springs.

What he didn’t know was that I had gotten him and my mom a piece of land as a gift. :D It was very sneaky of me.

We only got to stop by one of the three lots we set out to see as there was some damage from rainfall and the sun was going down as we got started a little late. It was still a super fun time! And I definitely put my little car through its paces.

One of the washes we went thru!


And of course we got to see a pretty sunset!

I can't wait to go have more fun with my little bee!

~Lynn, your friendly neighborhood mapper

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