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Our Journey: Arizona: Zion, Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Monument Valley & More!

Our Journey date: 2017-08-24

Our guide on the way to Rainbow Bridge National Park said if we drank the special Navajo lemonade we might start seeing things in the rocks - this was Heart Rock Cave!


In 2017 I toured thru Zion National Park, Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Grand Canyon, Lone Rock Beach on Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge National Park, Glen Canyon Dam, Page, Arizona, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Mystery Valley and Monument Valley!


One of my favorite memories from that trip is the visit to Monument Valley which sits about 200 miles NE of Holbrook. I met up with a Navajo guide Roger for a jeep tour of Mystery Valley and Monument Valley. At one point he beckoned me to sit beside him as he painted a Kokopeli with sand on a rock in front of one of the ruins. He first spent a moment touching the rock with his hands, feeling it. I sat quietly and watched so mesmerized by how quickly the image came to life.

Roger had been joking with us that if we listened we would hear the Kokopelis flute calling us to him. Apparently he calls all the ladies, a modern day Casanova. He was said to travel to villages bringing the change of winter to spring, carrying a sack of seeds and songs on his back. He is the source of human conception and everyone would sing and dance when they heard his flute. The next morning every maiden in the village would be with child.

When we were done I said we should say a prayer or something - it was so spiritual. And before we left Roger walked over to the rock and said a quick prayer then used a stick to erase the image. I asked him what he had said in his native tongue and it was something along the lines of "I did not have the right to draw on this rock and I have erased it to show respect."

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