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Our Journey: RIP Buddy

Our Journey date: 2020-06-08

Love to all who ever met my man!❤ My Little Man, riding shotgun, my protector, my boyfriend, the Smile4u mascot, and above all else, my best friend. Being a farm girl, I encountered hundreds of animals in my life, but had never bonded so strongly with one before. This morning Buddy took his last breath in my arms... it was a beautiful moment between our souls. White butterflies surrounded us as we laid him to rest. I love him so much and am grateful I got to spend 15 years with him. Big tears today. Please join me in celebrating Buddy’s life.

Kind Words:

Larisse: I'm so sorry to hear Buddy passed away :( It was always a treat to read how much fun he had at each of the sites you offer. Thank you and Buddy for helping me with my first land purchase, back in 2016. May God bless you and your family, Char.

Delphine: I am happy Buddy approved of my land. Perhaps he marked it too? That's cool, next time I go back there I will say hi. Little fluffy mascot gone to heaven, rest in peace Buddy and may you eternally tread the lands of the cosmos.

Chuck: I was just on your website yesterday and saw you lost your Buddy. I am saddened to receive this news and I wish you the best in your time of mourning. I am sure he has impacted your life in many ways, and will leave a permanent mark in your heart. 

Jeanie: Just wanted to let you know, I feel for you losing Buddy. May your heart heal and get stronger.

Steve: As I only check-in on a semi-weekly basis, now, I had no idea that Buddy had passed. What a shock, to find out he's no longer with us.
Please accept my deepest, most heartfelt condolences. For as a pet lover, myself, believe me, I know how you feel right now. God, please bless and keep sweet Buddy in your loving arms, forever. Lord, hear our prayer.

David: I'm sorry to hear about your dog, Buddy. I bet he was a great dog and really enjoyed all the traveling he got to do. I really enjoy your listings because you actually take photos from the property that is for sale, and provide a thorough description.

Robb: I am so sorry about Buddy passing.  We send our warmest regard to you thinking about you today.

George: All dogs go to Heaven, specially Buddy. Sorry for your loss.

Justin: He was such a little man. I’m sorry Char ❤️

Darla: My heart goes out to you! Your bond was special and inspiring. I’m so sorry!

Cindy: Oh honey. That makes my heart sad. So glad you had many good years. He was lucky lil man to have you. Be free buddy

Haven: What Buddy passed!!😢 Sending you a bear hug Char!!! Im happy he passed in your arms so sorry for your loss 😔

Rebecca: Awww.... So sorry I never got to meet him.. So glad you guys had your special relationship together...

Diane: So sorry for your loss.. It's losing a family member. Sending love and light

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RIP Buddy

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